Sandy's Priorities for Lakeway

  1. Develop a comprehensive plan.
    Lakeway has announced the formation of a steering committee to update the city’s Comprehensive Plan. I feel strongly that there needs to be a balance between business development and quality of life attributes (parks, trails, green space).  Given that I have successfully managed growth and transition for a $6B supply chain and previously served as your Councilwoman, I have already volunteered to serve on this committee.
  2. Address traffic concerns. 
    Working with Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and our surrounding cities is the key. I previously served on the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) and I understand how this process works. Gaining consensus and securing funding are critical.
  3. Support growth and development. 
    Enhance our current processes to better serve Lakeway residents and new businesses.  As a Process Engineer I have been trained to identify inefficiencies.  I will meet with both business owners and residents to learn about their development experiences, then work to address their concerns in order to develop a plan for improvement.

  4. Encourage Civic Engagement. 
    The City of Lakeway has thrived on community involvement and volunteerism. We need more participation from the younger generation.  I will work with our community organizations to develop the next generation of volunteers and leaders.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss these priorities and my approach to addressing each, as well as the many other facets of our great city.