I'm NOT finished

I'm NOT finished. One year just wasn’t enough time!

Over the last 7 months, I am proud of what we (City Council and Staff) have accomplished for the City of Lakeway and its residents.  But as you know, there is much more work to be done.  The city is at a crossroads wherein we need to simultaneously plan for our infrastructure as well as our growth.  We are at a point in time where we need to make critical decisions about the look and feel of our community before we develop the remaining land. 

Squarely in my focus is preserving our resort-style community as we inevitably almost double our population.  This takes detailed planning and a focus on what matters to our citizens including green space, trails, activity centers, infrastructure and keeping our taxes in check.  In short, I'm NOT finished. I know I can accomplish more.

Because of the Lakeway City Charter issues found during the May 2018 election, my 3 year term was cut to a 1 year term.  Nine months into my first term, I am announcing my re-election campaign.

If you like what you have seen – priorities set, consensus obtained and results achieved - there is more to come.  I ran my campaign around four priorities: 

  1. Develop a comprehensive plan;

  2. Address traffic concerns;

  3. Support growth and development; and

  4. Encourage Civic Engagement. 

As soon as a took office, I began to quickly work on each priority. 

Front and center was encouraging Civic Engagement and improving transparency. I am proud to report that we appointed over 75 people to the city boards, committees and commissions. Approximately 40 were first time appointments.  We conducted town halls, working sessions and surveys to provide more opportunities to obtain feedback from our residents and to have conversations.  We also created a weekly newsletter, "The Lake Way", and a monthly Blog to highlight the top city news items.

As for supporting growth and development, we are continuously updating onerous and out-dated policies and processes to better serve the community.  We created an ordinance review committee to update our city codes.  The permitting process is now measuring cycle time metrics and has become web-enabled in order to make it easier to submit and track requests.  We are also working with the various area Chamber of Commerce groups and neighboring cities elected officials to help identify our collective workforce deficiencies. Ultimately these partnerships will be leveraged to develop plans to address this and other shared issues.  (Of note, we have had initial discussions about a ferry service between Lago Vista and Lakeway to bring workers to our businesses.)

Which leads me to my promise to address our traffic concerns.  We developed a 3 tiered approach – Near-term, Mid-term and Long-term initiatives. Near-term we are improving safety and traffic flow with changes planned for Flintrock @ 620 and 620 between Lohmans Crossing and Lakeway Boulevard.  Additionally, we are working on improved connectivity with Main Street and Birrell.   Mid-term we are working with TxDOT on the 620 Widening project and Long-term we are working with CAMPO to address the anticipated 2040 needs.

Lastly, I promised to develop a comprehensive plan.  We have formed a steering committee of 10 residents, hired a consultant to the lead the process, and begun the work with the many City committees and Staff to build a plan that delivers what our residents want and need (based upon our survey results and resident feedback), yet keeping our taxes in check. This is a lengthy process and should be completed in 12-18 months.

If you were wondering during the May 2018 campaign whether I would:

  1. Do what I said I would do, and/or

  2. Could I do what I said I would do

I hope that my actions and accomplishments to date speak for themselves.

As Mayor, vision is equally as important as executing and implementing solutions based upon the objectives.  However, there is one asset that surpasses those traits. It’s relationships and consensus building.  As an elected official, you cannot get anything done without others.  You have to work with your council members to find consensus.  You have to respect and inspire your volunteers and Staff members.  And, you have to listen and respond to your residents.  Most issues you must solve are complex and integrated with city, county, and state agencies.  Relationships and the ability to find common ground are key.

Over the last 20 years of living in this community, I have developed relationships with business owners, Chamber of Commerce leadership, school district leadership, area non-profit leadership, county and city government elected officials, and governmental planning and infrastructure entities.  I have leveraged these many relationships as I've started my tenure as your Mayor.  And, I've made some new ones in the last nine months. 

It has been a great honor and pleasure to serve our community throughout the years and especially as your Mayor.  However, I'm NOT finished. I know I can accomplish more for our great community.

Re-elect Sandy Cox, Mayor - City of Lakeway