The “F.U.D. Factor”- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

 The “F.U.D. Factor”- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

My opponents are attacking my integrity with Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt!  They suggest that I am on the take from a developer (because of campaign contributions equivalent to 4% of the total contributions), that I'm part of the establishment, that I'm for the status quo...I'm sure there is more that is whispered in private meetings.

I bring to you experience, leadership, and commitment to our community - ALL of our community.

It is easy to tear ideas down, bully people, and polarize our community.  It is hard to negotiate, find consensus and unify people.  I'm the only candidate for "All of Lakeway", my opponents are using tactics to divide Lakeway  so they can win the election.  This tactic will not result in building dialog in this community and is no way to run a campaign or an office. 

I want the job of Mayor

I am an Experienced Leader

  • 21 -years technology career at Freescale, Motorola & IBM
  • Both Electrical and Computer Engineer from Georgia Tech
  • Managed a $6B global supply chain
  • Successful in leading large turn-around organizations
  • Proven organizational "Change Agent"
  • Former Lakeway City Councilmember

I am Dedicated to the Community

  • Safeplace Board (10 years)
  • TexARTS Board Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer (6 years)
  • LTISD 2011 $156M Bond PAC President
  • City of Lakeway Visitor Commission Chairman (2 years)
  • Texas State University Mathworks Advisory Board (3 years)

I have been Recognized

  • City of Lakeway - 2013 "Volunteer of the Year"
  • Freescale "Top 100 Leaders" every year of tenure
  • Austin Business Journal "Profiles in Power" Finalist 2006 & 2007
  • Featured speaker at the Texas Conference for Women - 2004
  • Freescale CEO Development Program

I am strategic, collaborative, a consensus builder, a win-win negotiator, a long time Lakeway resident (19 years), a Wife (23 years), and a Mom (soon-to-be empty nester).

I can LEAD Lakeway, I can UNIFY Lakeway, I have the experience! 

I ask you for your Vote!