Mayoral Responsibilities: Organizational Management, Strategic Guidance and Respectful Leadership 

Mayoral Responsibilities: Organizational Management, Strategic Guidance and Respectful Leadership 

City Government is complex.  There are many interdependencies with agencies and community organizations that control critical aspects of your city that effect your future.  Infrastructure such as roads, water, and electricity are managed by entities other than the City of Lakeway.  Land is owned by residents, business owners, and developers.  And, cities / counties surrounding your city can make policies or decisions that affect your residents.

Lakeway is run by a City Manager and governed by a City Council of 7 elected officials, including the Mayor.

The Lakeway Mayor:

  • Is the ceremonial head of the City Council; 
  • Works with the City Manager to understand and strategize approaches to the issues facing the city;
  • Represents the city at government agency meetings, community functions, and negotiations; 
  • Drives the community conversations and policies; and
  • Develops the Strategic Plan, the Operational Plan and the Fiscal Plan with the City Manager.

However, the Mayor has only 1 vote of the 7 on council.  There is no veto power, no super vote, or any case that the Mayor can unilaterally make a decision for council (except in the case of Disaster).

It is critical that the Mayor is capable of building relationships, working across political boundaries, and finding win-win solutions with others of differing opinions.  It is even more important that the Mayor has the RESPECT of the Council and has successfully worked through differing opinions to find a common ground.

I am the ONLY Mayoral candidate that is supported by the majority of council.  Now, some would say it's because “I'm part of the establishment” or “I'm for the status quo.”  That CANNOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

It's because my Council peers and myself have respectfully disagreed, respectfully challenged each other, and respectfully worked to arrive at consensus on various topics.  I have NOT made wild accusations about their character, nor have I filed frivolous ethics complaints about them.  We did not need a third party to mediate our concerns or differences - we worked them out together. 

I have made a commitment that I will work to find a place on City boards or committees for anyone who has run for office in this election cycle. I feel that it is important to have different viewpoints and perspective represented so that informed decisions can be made.  Additionally, I plan to schedule monthly Community Conversations in order to provide various opportunities for residents to voice their opinions and to be able to more accurately gauge resident sentiment.  

So, I submit to you, that not only do we need a Mayor that can LEAD us through the complex growth issues facing Lakeway but also UNIFY our city.

I AM that Leader.