Leading by Example as a Way of Life

Author, historian and philosopher, Will Durant, once said: “To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves.”

It's unfortunate that we live in a day and age that allows and fuels bullying behavior.  I've spent the last 8 years coaching all the LTISD Kardivas chapters (the 5th grade girls character club), about their Digital Presence and Cyber Bullying.  Each year, our kids are getting more exposed to negative behaviors that are affecting their psyche.  Most of it is through social media.

I spend countless hours encouraging young girls to be “Upstanders not Bystanders” when they see bullying.  I tell them that catphishing; forwarding or inventing rumors; excluding others; and partaking in another's bullying tactics are all bad behaviors.  So, why do we expect 10 year olds to change their behaviors when they routinely see adults conducting themselves in an unethical manner?    

We are supposed to be their role models. 

Growing up with the pressures of trying to be perfect in everything that you do, not being able to fail for the fear that the whole school will know in nanoseconds, and emboldened online access to criticize others with no repercussions is causing substantial mental health issues for our kids.  There are recent studies that link the rise in stress levels to suicidal tendencies.  We must stop this trend. It begins with us!

At my campaign kick-off, I committed to my supporters that I would run a positive campaign that talked about the relevant experiences I bring to the table, as well as the issues I would like to address for the city and the residents of Lakeway.  I further encouraged my supporters to be positive representatives of my campaign.  "Leading by Example" has been the go-to leadership principle I've used in all the organizations that I have led over the years whether it was a corporate business division or a non-profit board. 

I’m asking Team Sandy to stay above the fray. Let’s win on merit and not by creating fear, uncertainty and doubt.