I’m not for “old” Lakeway. I’m not for “new” Lakeway. I’m for ALL of Lakeway.

I’m not running for mayor to represent “old” Lakeway. I’m not running to represent “new” Lakeway. I’m running to represent ALL of Lakeway.

Prior to completely committing to run for mayor – and after consulting with my family – my Process Engineer brain still needed more data. I decided to embark on what I would describe as my own personal “listening tour.” I met with over 60 people to simply solicit their responses to these questions: Would I be a good mayor? What were the key issues facing our community? I sought the opinions of residents; people I worked with in the technology field; people from my work in the non-profit sector; business leaders in our community; former and current council members and our current mayor as well as the previous 4 mayors of Lakeway. The only way I know how to make an informed decision is to gather as much data as humanly possible from ALL the resources available and to THEN make the decision. This will be my approach to the responsibilities of being your mayor.

The last election cycle and the resulting vitriol did have one positive effect: LOTS of our residents are now getting involved and paying attention. This is a good thing. We need more civic involvement from a more diverse group. We also need qualified leadership who is willing to systematically approach the many issues facing our community. Divisive rhetoric is not going to help us develop and execute upon the best plan. Finding consensus when planning for the future should be our guiding principle.  How can we move forward and make progress if we do not seek and cannot find common ground?

Managing a global supply chain taught me many things about leadership. (It also taught me how to pack for a two week trip to Asia using one suitcase!) Managing cross-functional teams located around the world taught me the importance of listening prior to making a decision. Being a resident of Lakeway since 1999 has instilled in me not only the importance of community, but also the desire to serve THIS community again. I wouldn’t have considered assuming the responsibilities of this role if I didn’t truly believe that I could add value and make a positive impact. I cherish the diversity of all of Lakeway and I respectfully ask all of Lakeway for your vote.

Please check this page for future posts. My plan is to publish them weekly. Next week’s topic is: The importance of strategic planning.